Author: Mary Montserrat-Howlett

Mary Montserrat-Howlett is the Marketing Content Coordinator at iProspect Canada, a leading digital performance agency that helps brands maximize their online marketing ROI. Follow her on Twitter for tips and updates about content marketing.

By mary-montserrat-howlett published February 12, 2014

How to Fuel Your Curated Content Marketing with Storify

storify logo-make web tell storyAccording to a recent Content Marketing 2014 trends report, 93 percent of B2B marketers say they use content marketing; yet of that 93 percent, less than half (42 percent) feel their efforts are effective. One of the greatest challenges organizations say they face is producing steady streams of engaging content.

With the amount of publicly accessible information online, it can certainly be difficult for curated content to cut through the clutter. However, the real problem isn’t the amount of information that’s out there, it’s the tremendous amount of effort it takes to organize and prioritize that information, and then to adapt the insights derived into an applicable content strategy.Continue Reading

By mary-montserrat-howlett published July 25, 2013

Create High-ROI Video Content Marketing With Google+ Hangouts on Air

video content marketingA recent YouTube video study showed that the world’s Top 100 brands have invested more than $4.3 billion in creating video assets — yet, more than 50 percent of these videos have fewer than 1,000 views. With 12 years of video content being uploaded to YouTube daily, it is not surprising that flashy music videos, fan-made TV and movie parodies, and grumpy cats are drowning out corporate video content.

Rob Ciampa, the Executive Vice President of Pixability (the company that conducted the study), may have the answer to why brands don’t hit the mark with their videos. He says they’re burning their budgets in video production when they should be investing equally as much in video content marketingContinue Reading