Author: Nis Frome

Nis Frome is a full-stack marketer with an obsession for UI/UX and growth hacking. He is an award-winning web and app developer, and is currently the COO of Hublished, a webinar marketing technology company he co-founded as a junior at Rutgers University. Follow Nis on Twitter @NisFrome.

By nis-frome published April 18, 2014

Find the Right Webinar Software for Your Content Plan: 5 Key Questions

image-multiple laptops-webinarI recently reviewed the last 100 demos that our sales team has shown to content marketing practitioners and I noticed something astonishing: Nearly 35 percent of the organizations we spoke to are reevaluating their current webinar software provider or are already in the middle of transitioning to a new one.

When we pressed them on their reasoning, we learned they aren’t unhappy with their webinar software because it is inadequate or because it no longer meets their needs in general. Rather, the problem stems from the unrealistic expectations they had for the software in the first place.Continue Reading

By nis-frome published August 11, 2013

Hacking Content Marketing: How a Parking Ticket Turned into 40,000 Customers

cutting through the maze-hacking content marketingContent marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes it arrives in a regular, anticipated form, like a daily newsletter with links to interesting industry articles. But often content marketing is at its best when it takes on a slightly less traditional format.

I’ve always found that the greatest lessons can be learned by examining cases found on the fringe of our industries. Such cases address the questions that many marketers ask themselves, such as, “What can companies without the resources of a Fortune 500 do to get ahead?” or “How can we generate and nurture leads, organize content and presenters for a webinar, and rise above the clutter?Continue Reading