Author: Stephen Kenwright

Stephen Kenwright is Senior Content Strategist at Branded3 – a digital marketing agency which is part of the St. Ives publishing group – who are among the UK's leading authorities on the integration of search engine and content marketing. Previously B2B copywriter at FTSE 250 listed strategic outsourcing business MITIE, he has an MA in Renaissance Literature and a strong passion for digital media. Follow him on Twitter.

By stephen-kenwright published March 18, 2014

Why Your Web Content Strategy Should Include Answering Questions

colorful questions-where?-when?-who?Social networks like Twitter have ushered in a new era of customer-care content. Unfortunately, for many businesses, this has come to mean that a social media manager’s time might be completely consumed by answering customer questions on all of the many platforms on which your company operates. While there will always be a place for social media in crisis management, there are more productive ways for marketers to use their time than by spending it on personally addressing customer complaints.

As an alternative, including carefully compiled frequently-asked questions lists (FAQs) and other Q&A content as part of your web content strategy provides a much greater opportunity to expand your brand’s influence — as having the right people answering the right questions in the right places for your customers can achieve much more for your brand than just damage limitation.Continue Reading

By stephen-kenwright published February 2, 2014

4 Steps to Audit Online Content After Hummingbird and “Not Provided”

chart for content auditCMI readers know that it’s possible to measure the effectiveness of content marketing efforts without keyword data — something we’ve had since 2011 to think about — but it shouldn’t just be a case of damage limitation for people who work with web analytics.

For content marketers, the removal of keyword data from Google represents a huge opportunity to overhaul the way we report on our online content. With this opportunity in mind, now is the perfect time for a content audit.Continue Reading