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What is Content Marketing?

Wondering what content marketing is all about? Get the answers here.

The Essential Content Marketing Glossary: 50+ Terms You Need to Know

What tactics are used in content marketing? What’s the difference between content strategy and content marketing strategy? How is content marketing performance measured and optimized? You’ll find the answers to these questions – and many others – in this guide.

Getting Started

If you are diving into content marketing, this is the place to start.

Content Marketing: The Essential Guide

New to content marketing or looking for guidance on how to refocus your efforts? Get a walk-through of the basic steps.

The Content Marketing Framework: 5 Building Blocks for Profitable, Scalable Operations

Learn about the seven critical components of a successful content marketing strategy.

The Essentials of a Documented Content Marketing Strategy: 36 Questions to Answer

The most effective content marketers have something in common: a documented content marketing strategy. Our complete guide will show you how to develop this key document for your organization.

Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program

Follow this series of easy-to-complete, practical exercises to establish a scalable content marketing program from the ground up.

Time-Saving Tips, Checklists, and Templates to Conquer Content Marketing Goals in 2021

Make content marketing easier with these checklists and templates you can customize for your business.

Essential Content Marketing Templates

Templates are among the most-viewed resources CMI has to offer. These will help you manage your content marketing, social media, influencers, and more.

Chief Content Officer 

CCO is the first publication written by, for, and about chief content officers and other content executives. Subscribe today so you won’t miss a single 2021 issue.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Content Marketers

These resources helped content marketers adjust during the early days of the pandemic. Review them any time you need to adjust to disruptions.

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