Author: Jake DiMare

Jake DiMare is a Digital Strategist and Marketing Technologist, currently leading strategy engagements with the amazing team at Agency Oasis in Boston, MA. Jake has worked in digital marketing for the last 15 years designing, building, and optimizing world-class digital customer experiences for a variety of client partners in entertainment, lifestyle, transportation, publishing, health and higher education. With a strong focus on enterprise content management, measurement and optimization, and marketing automation, Jake loves to talk about the business impact of placing customers at the center of fully cohesive and seamless digital customer experiences supported by outcome driven content marketing.

By jake-dimare published September 25, 2014

3 Tragic Errors to Avoid When Building a Web Content Marketing Program

vintage train crash imageAfter 15 years building websites — first as a developer, then a project manager, and now as a digital strategist — there’s one thing I can say with confidence: Successfully planning and executing the design, development, and deployment of a dynamic website to support a new content marketing strategy is not a trivial matter.Continue Reading

By jake-dimare published July 14, 2014

Content Marketing Optimization: Focus on ‘Critical Few’ Metrics

swimming penguin-underwaterA growing problem with the rapidly rising tide of data content marketers are swimming in these days is it’s becoming much easier to become overwhelmed and drown. Much like an inexperienced swimmer struggling to stay afloat in the water as it rises overhead, problems are often rooted in not knowing what to do next. What’s even more unfortunate is when we drown in data, there are usually no lifeguards to save us.

However, the great news is we can learn to swim, and this is precisely why I like to remind the organizations I partner with to focus on what Avinash Kaushik refers to as the “critical few” metrics of success. This suggestion always resonates deeply with marketers.Continue Reading