Author: Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson has over 12 years of experience building digital media startups from the ground up with an expertise in monetizing online content. As Vice President of Business Development at RadiumOne, she leads strategic partnerships and is responsible for two of the fastest-growing social media products on the market: the URL shortener for brand advertisers and the sharing tool for publishers.

By rebecca-watson published October 6, 2014

3 Tactics to Optimize Your Website Content With Social Intelligence

Boost-Website-Content Every day, millions of social interactions are taking place across the web. The social signals to engage your current and future customers are out there — but are you paying enough attention to them? When your consumers connect with you, are you offering them the most relevant and timely information, or are they likely getting lost as they search for answers or expertise you are not yet providing?

The most valuable insights into understanding your customers’ needs come from what they are sharing on the web. When your content is shared, it validates that you are headed in the right direction with your content creation. And with the help of some advanced social-sharing tools and insights, you can get a 360-degree view of all sharing behavior happening regularly, which will help you optimize your website content for improved user retention and acquisition.Continue Reading

By rebecca-watson published August 17, 2014

Optimize Your Online Content: Quick Tips You Haven’t Thought of Yet

hands joining wrists in circleBy the time you read this, you could have already been capturing and analyzing information on your most valuable consumers — those who share your content.

While brands and publishers spend a lot of time and effort creating and promoting content, less time is usually spent optimizing the sharing of that content for consumers. And that’s a lost opportunity.Continue Reading