Author: Jessica Ann

Jessica Ann is the CEO and Creative Director of Jessica Ann Media. She writes for studioD (a CMI benefactor), a content studio that connects brands to audiences using original content. Through data-driven content strategy and innovative content creation, studioD is changing the way brands communicate with digital audiences. Find out more about studioD by visiting our content marketing blog or Twitter. You can reach Jessica Ann on her blog.

By jessica-ann published June 21, 2015

How to Translate Audience Data to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy


Let’s face it: You’re either a right-brained or left-brained content marketer. If you’re a right-brained marketer, then the term “audience data” probably makes you squirm uncomfortably. But if you’re a left-brained content marketer, you eat things like audience data for breakfast. Mmmm … data.

Here’s why: Right-brained marketers generally depend upon intuition to solve problems and process information, while left-brained marketers process information in a data-driven way.Continue Reading

By jessica-ann published April 14, 2015

Turn User-Generated Content Into Undeniable, Glorious Connections


Are you down with UGC?

It’s not just another content marketing buzzword. It’s naughty and unpredictable by nature. And it wants your brand to come out and play.Continue Reading