Author: Al Gomez

Al Gomez is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Dlinkers and Sagad. With more than twelve years of digital marketing experience in search engine optimization, paid search and email marketing, he has contributed to a variety of online publications including Moz, SEMrush, and Wordtracker. Follow him on Twitter @alseoblog.

By al-gomez published April 8, 2016

Creating Content for Google’s RankBrain


Google revealed in October that it uses artificial intelligence to help with 15% of search queries. Named RankBrain, the system analyzes vague, ambiguous queries and matches them with the most relevant results.

It’s a critical component to the search-engine giant’s algorithm. In fact, Google’s Greg Corrado told Bloomberg that RankBrain is now the third-highest signal contributing to a search-query result.Continue Reading

By al-gomez published September 23, 2015

Evergreen Content: 4 Practical Tips


Who doesn’t love new stuff? Whether it’s news, gossip, or the latest fashion trend – we all want a piece of the action. FOMO (fear of missing out), it seems, is very real and not just some strange social media slang. No one likes feeling left out, so we do our best to be in the know on all the new things happening around us.

But do you sometimes get tired of catching up to all the hype? Continue Reading