Author: Jill Talvensaari

Jill Talvensaari is marketing vice president at IO Integration, a leading marketing technology provider that helps the world’s top brands automate and personalize customer experiences. She lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Silicon Valley with her family, two dogs and two cats. Jill holds degrees in Econometrics and Cognitive Science from UCSD, and an MBA from Seattle University. Follow Jill on Twitter @moxiemktg.

By jill-talvensaari published May 26, 2016

Data as Personalization: How to Turn Kryptonite Into Treasure


Some marketers hear “big data” and their heads spin. They know it can be valuable, but it also can be a mess of multiple databases with divergent fields, formulas, and more. They see data as their marketing kryptonite.

To see this kind of data as a treasure chest – as a means to be more effective in your content marketing – I suggest you use the word “personalization” when you talk big data.Continue Reading

By jill-talvensaari published April 28, 2016

The DAM Truth: All You Need to Know About Digital Asset Management


When it comes to storing and sharing creative assets, does your organization use Dropbox or Box accounts? Google Drives or Sky Drives? Adobe Creative Cloud accounts, back-up hard drives, or file-sharing systems? Or some combination of these options?

When you hear about digital asset management (DAM) systems, do you think, “With all our media storage options, why would we ever need a DAM?”Continue Reading