Author: Anthony Power

Anthony Power is a principal in Flyiron, a marketing services firm geared to helping educational institutions and B2B technology firms develop solutions that help prospects choose one solution over another. Follow him on Twitter @apowerpoint, his blog at Power Points and on LinkedIn.

By anthony-power published June 25, 2010

How to Develop Content Based on A Need Stage

There has been lots of good discussion about the role of content and the “sales funnel.” For instance, Robert Rose had a two-part  series on segmenting based on personas and lead stage. There are also good arguments to flip or even forget the funnel. Seth Godin and Joseph Jaffee have written books on the topic and Rahel Bailie had a post this week on how you need to think beyond the traditional sales process.

This post offers an alternative view on segmenting prospects based on their state of need at a given point in time. Continue Reading