Author: Garrett French

Garrett French is the author of the "Ontolo Link Building Book" and Chief Marketer for the Ontolo Link Building Toolset, which enables content marketers to quickly identify, quantify and engage their market's linking audience. You can follow him on Twitter at @garrettfrench.

By garrett-french published July 6, 2010

How to Discover Your Competitors’ Most-Shared Content

As a content marketer, one of the audiences you need to be aware of is your linking audience. This consists of the individuals who publish, curate, report on, discuss, argue about and share info about your target market. This audience can include competitors as well as non-competing trade publications, bloggers, forums and other sites that publish content. Inbound links from this audience of related, well-respected sources are  quite important:

  • They confer trust on your site from search engines
  • Your site is perceived as more credible from your market’s participants
  • They ultimately increase referrals, conversions and your overall market presence.Continue Reading