Author: Wendy Marx

Wendy Marx is an award-winning PR and marketing executive who helps B2B companies and executives become well-known brands. Wendy planned and executed the original public relations strategy that helped fuel the spectacular growth of Peppers and Rogers Group, the world's preeminent customer relationship firm. As President of Marx Communications, a B2B PR agency, Wendy is an expert at creating thought leadership and content programs for clients that create visibility, credibility, and ultimately, sales leads. You can follow her on Twitter @wendymarx.

By wendy-marx published August 12, 2010

The Role of PR in Content Marketing

So, you’ve created some remarkable content. But before you pop the cork, ask yourself:

If you build it, will they engage and interact?

With everyone creating content these days, it’s no longer true that people will rush to read content.

In my experience, adding a PR component to your content marketing adds a powerful incentive that expands your reach, thought leadership and the power of your brand. Better yet, done right, it can ultimately lead to sales.Continue Reading