Author: Bostjan Spetic

Before Zemanta, as a philosophy student, Boštjan was involved in several contemporary art performances as a multimedia and technology consultant. He also worked as a professional journalist for national television. Boštjan then joined Cyberpipe, a cybercafe/on-line university community, where he worked as project manager, implementing more than 50 projects between 2003 and 2007. Boštjan is Zemanta's team-building champion and community-use case expert. He also acts as a mentor to other startups at Seedcamp and Springboard and has recently presented at Pivotcon, Web 3.0, How-To-Web and the Semantic Web Meetup. Boštjan loves art, philosophy and observing quirky social phenomena. You can follow him on Twitter @igzebedze.

By bostjan-spetic published April 9, 2012

How You Can Enjoy the Benefits of Increasing Your Blogging Output

This is a story of a CEO who discovered the benefits of everyday blogging.

Let’s start in the dim and distant past: In 2006, I started my blog. Five years later I really felt bad about not updating it regularly. Luckily, late last year I started to write again. I felt like I really had a lot to talk about, and wanted to share my views with my readers. Moreover, as the CEO of a company that focuses on making blogging easier, I missed that feeling of joy I get when writing.

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