Author: Jim Lodico

Jim Lodico is a content marketing consultant, copywriter and Wordpress web designer who is excited that content marketing has finally provided a need for his English major. He is the owner of and specializes in helping businesses create powerful content that appeals to their target audience and drives them up the search engine rankings. You can connect with him on Google + Jim Lodico or Twitter @jlcommunication.

By jim published June 13, 2012

6 Tips for Optimizing Your Content for the Latest Trends in Consumption

Evernote clips content, CMIAs content marketers, we publish content that drives our target audience toward a given goal. This might be anything from a Facebook “like” to capturing an email address to completing a final sale. Once our content has brought the target audience to our website, Facebook page, or other desired location, the landscape in and around that content is optimized in order to encourage the target to complete our given objective.

However, during the past six months, there have been some major changes in the way audiences consume information. These changes are happening simultaneously on two fronts, one in the form of content curation and the other in content shifting. While content curation is nothing new, the rise in the use of mobile devices — especially tablets, such as the iPad and Kindle Fire — is changing when, where, and how we read internet content.Continue Reading