Author: Lakshmi Harikumar

Lakshmi Harikumar anchors the content marketing efforts of MobStac Inc. MobStac is an HTML5-enabled mobile cloud publishing platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing website and makes your content accessible to mobile and tablet devices through mobile sites and apps. MobStac lets you publish content once and manage sites across all mobile and tablet devices through a unified dashboard.

By lakshmi-harikumar published June 27, 2012

7 Tips for Creating the Right Mobile Experience for Your Website

creating the right mobile experience, CMINearly 50 percent of your audiences already use mobile as the primary internet access device. In other words, you are losing nearly half your audience if you do not make your website mobile-friendly.

But does mobile optimization mean creating a miniature version of your website to fit the smaller mobile screen?

Not at all.

When creating a mobile website, you need to keep the mobile visitor in mind as your primary target audience. To help you do this, I have laid out the following best practices for providing the best possible experience to your mobile visitors.Continue Reading