Author: Gene Sigalov

Gene Sigalov is a co-founder and a thought-leader in the Texting/SMS industry. is a cutting-edge mobile marketing platform that enables businesses to develop custom text message marketing programs that are delivered literally into the hands of consumers. and its incredibly robust SMS marketing resource Mobile U, are the most recent and exciting successes for this digital marketing expert. You can email Gene at [email protected].

By gene-sigalov published July 3, 2012

Generate a Buzz: 3 Ways Text Messaging Enhances Your Content

generate a buzz with text messaging, CMIYour customers are finding you faster than you can find them.

It’s what content marketing is all about: giving consumers reason to find you and reason to stay with you; accumulating useful content upon which to build a partnership of trust.

But in today’s attention-deficient world, you can’t count on consumers to engage with your content for more than moment, (and that’s if you’re lucky). They forget. They get distracted. They find a competitor’s site instead.

No longer can you afford to rely solely on passive content, content that just sits on your site waiting to be discovered.Continue Reading