Author: Frank McDade

Frank uses his passion for arts and entertainment to fuel creative business solutions. On top of his career in marketing, he studied long-form improv, sketch comedy and was recently Social Media Producer to a transmedia series, “I Made America.” Frank is currently a Digital Marketing Manager, overseeing client strategies in content, SEO and social media. Visit his website, iMadeAmerica, or follow him on Twitter @frankmcdade.

By frankmcdade published August 20, 2012

3 Improv Exercises That Will Take Your Content Brainstorms to the Next Level

images (5)With a culture so caught up on structure and editing, there is a pressing need to let loose; to let the mind speak and to take advantage of the social wave that is developing in the workplace. From the countless sources that fuel brands’ content marketing strategies, there comes a time when an organization needs to step back and evaluate the topics in its repertoire.

One of the best ways to get employees out of the mindset of “this is how it is” and into one of “this is what’s possible,” is to use interactive, improvisational exercises intended to stimulate creativity.Continue Reading