Author: Lucjan Zaborowski

Lucjan Zaborowski is a Marketing Consultant at Simply Business, advising the company on online optimization and user experience projects. He has worked with firms in the United States, Poland, and the United Kingdom on growing their online presence via lean strategy. Lucjan holds a Master's Degree in International Marketing from Boston University and is also a certified project manager with extensive experience in supporting large scale IT deployments for companies such as Dell, IBM, and Microsoft. Follow Lucjan on Twitter @GOcontent.

By lucjan-zaborowski published January 6, 2013

4 Steps to Exciting Content Marketing in a Boring Industry [Case Study]

exciting content marketing, boring brandsThink of insurance. 

It is likely that words like boring, uptight, complex and inflexible come to mind. In fact, the insurance industry has one of the least positive reputations, according to the annual Reputational Quotient (RQ) survey from Harris Interactive. Just 29 percent of people rate the overall reputation of the insurance industry positively. Only tobacco, the financial sector and airlines have worse reputations.

Hence, marketing an insurance website begs the question: How do you improve the perception of an “unexciting” business in an industry with a bad reputation? This is the dilemma we faced at Simply Business less than 12 months ago. Continue Reading