Author: Neil Bhapkar

Neil is a digital marketing professional who currently serves as the Director of Marketing for interactive marketing start-up Uberflip. Neil has previously worked with global brands such as Kobo, Lavalife, and GlaxoSmithKline. Neil's expertise includes content marketing, online lead generation, web analytics, and digital strategy. Follow Neil at @NeilBhaps or visit for similar thought-leadership content.

By neil-bhapkar published February 3, 2013

8 KPIs Your Content Marketing Measurement Should Include

images from a tabletWeb analytics and general knowledge of digital marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) have come a long way since the days when people were measuring “hits” on a site. Tools like Google Analytics, Omniture, and proprietary systems within companies have made digital marketing reporting more simple and accessible for the average marketing professional. These days, you’re nowhere in marketing if you don’t understand your basic web KPIs, including customer engagement and conversion rates.

However, as content marketing takes the forefront in digital marketing tactics — especially for B2B and SEO marketing — marketers are still stuck in the Stone Age as it relates to measuring the effectiveness and impact of various forms of content. For example, consider white papers (or any page turn publication) — they are a common lead generation tactic within content marketing, yet most marketers fail to measure anything beyond “downloads” when it comes to KPIs. The question remains: What can a marketer do to better understand the effectiveness of this type of content?Continue Reading