Author: Katherine Griwert

+Katherine Griwert entered the content marketing world by way of writing. She holds a degree in American Studies and wrote SEO copy for cross-industry sites before taking on a strategic search and social content marketing role. Katherine is head of marketing content for the agency Brafton (one of Inc.'s fastest-growing privately owned U.S. businesses). Contact her on Twitter @kgriwert.

By katherine-griwert published February 21, 2013

2 B2B Content Marketing Challenges Solved with a News-Based Approach

industry news is solutionIf you’ve ever felt the struggle of effectively reaching business buyers with web content, know you’re in good company. Content marketing is used by virtually every business-facing brand online, and according to CMI’s 2013 B2B content marketing study, the majority of B2B content marketers report they have trouble creating enough content and creating engaging content.

Marketers may say producing enough content is the leading challenge, but engaging content is equally important for long-term results. It’s helpful to focus more on consistency than volume, though you can achieve both with the right resources in place. Brands that marry quality and consistency — those that consistently produce content worth readers’ time — are primed for positive results.

To create enough engaging content, you need a strategy that defines why you want to publish content, fueled by a renewable pool of relevant topics. Industry news content marketing is a solution. The practice builds a sustainable approach to content creation. It gets content creators in the habit of brand-specific reflection on relevant trends. Continue Reading