Author: Ted Page

Ted is the Creative Director at Captains of Industry. He has more than 25 years of experience building brands and creating memorable content-driven campaigns for clients ranging from Dunkin Donuts to First Wind. Ted leads the creative department at Captains, acting as a kind of master chef to ensure the agency's work is always tasty and memorable. You can follow Ted on Twitter @TeddyPage.

By ted-page published March 21, 2013

Create Branded Content to Show Your Company Culture: 7 Steps

company culture As marketers, we often get caught up in defining our unique value proposition, distilling it into an elevator pitch, and shouting it in as many ways as we can to a target audience. The problem is that when people are targeted, they take evasive action. And besides, most people really don’t care what you’re trying to sell or why it’s so much better than everything else out there.

They just need to like you.

Here, I’ll offer tips on how you can create and use branded content to convey the personality of your company — the people who work there; the ideas you live by; the sense of fun and vitality you bring to work; your core values. In addition, I’ll share some examples of how companies, from giants like IBM to much smaller companies (like my own) have used culture-related brand content to compete successfully in the market. Continue Reading