Author: Andrew Isidoro

Andrew Isidoro is a freelance SEO and SEO Manager at, one of the UK’s top price comparison websites. You can find him on his blog talking about digital marketing and the state of semantic search, on Google+ or on Twitter: @andrew_isidoro.

By andrew-isidoro published May 3, 2013

Increase Distribution for Your Branded Content with Microformats

microformatsOne of the great things about working in the continually evolving digital industry is the opportunity to work with the new techniques and technologies that emerge to more effectively promote brands online. This is also, however, where the world of branded content marketing can get a bit more complex and “techy” — for example, its adoption of microformats.

Microformats are small inserts of code that make it possible to create meta data, which can be understood by machines to help pre-populate data on media sources like Facebook and Google. This allows marketers to optimize their branded content and offer richer website content experiences to those who are exposed to them on social networks.Continue Reading