Author: Raubi Perilli

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By raubi-perilli published November 5, 2013

Optimize Your Content Plan for Google’s In-depth Article Results

magnifying glass with charts, in-depth search resultsThe idea for Google’s new search result, in-depth articles, may have sparked last year when Google selected 150 people to take part in an experiment. For three days, Google randomly texted participants eight times a day to ask them, “What did you want to know recently?

This was an effort to uncover the things that people need to know but don’t consider using Google to find. This research is also likely connected to Google’s newest algorithm change, Hummingbird.

Both the in-depth article results and Hummingbird seem to follow the same pattern: Google is trying to return results that provide not just what people are looking for, but also why they are looking for it.

Google doesn’t want to provide search results. Google wants to provide answers.Continue Reading