Author: Chad White

Chad White is the author of Email Marketing Rules and Principal of Marketing Research at ExactTarget, a company. He has written about email marketing for more than a decade and his research and commentary have appeared in over 100 publications, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today. You can connect with Chad on Twitter or LinkedIn, or read more of his posts on Email Marketing Rules.

By chad-white published November 11, 2013

2 Key Techniques for Making Email Content More Mobile-Friendly

mobile friendly contentOn the sliding scale of mobile-friendliness, most brands are just starting to get a grip on the fundamentals of email content design. In fact, ExactTarget research performed in early October found that out of nearly 160 B2C brands — including retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, travel and hospitality companies, and nonprofits — only 12 percent use responsive email design and 10 percent use mobile-aware design, while the remaining 78 percent still use largely desktop-centric email designs.Continue Reading