Author: Allen Narcisse

Allen Narcisse is the COO and Co-Founder of Ebyline. Allen founded the company in Los Angeles in 2009, and since then has provided a platform connecting companies with freelancers to create exclusive, high-quality content. Follow Ebyline on Twitter.

By allen-narcisse published January 15, 2014

Planning Your B2B Marketing Approach to Social Media: 3 Key Angles

twitter bird with briefcaseThe popularity of B2B social media marketing is spreading like wildfire across the world of B2B commerce. A new report from CMI shows that B2B marketers have increasingly recognized social media as an essential platform for initiating relationships with new business accounts. As one would expect, LinkedIn reigns supreme over the pack, with over 90 percent of B2B marketing professionals distributing content on their site. Not far behind is Twitter, at 85 percent.

Of course, these are social media platforms, so marketing on them requires a certain finesse and premeditation. At the same time, many B2B companies have found out the hard way that simply being present on social media isn’t enough. If you want to raise awareness and increase impressions for your brand on social media, it’s absolutely crucial that you plan out a content strategy in advance. Continue Reading