Author: Neil Ayres

Neil Ayres is the Editor of Brand Perfect. In the past he's worked for Creative Review, Design Week and D&AD, and has written for them, along with Web Designer, The Bookseller, Digital Artist, Marketing Week and others. Before moving into digital, Neil worked in print production for TIME, The Economist and Nature Publishing Group. Prior to all that, he was a dog trainer for Battersea Dogs' Home. Follow Neil on Twitter.

By neil-ayres published May 28, 2014

How to Serve Up Value With Mobile Content Marketing

This article was co-authored by Julia Errens, a writer and researcher at Brand Perfect. 

smartphone image-app stuff coming outMobile content marketing efforts can be a bit like dancing a cha-cha on the lip of a volcano. The problem is mobile’s greatest asset is also its vulnerability. Most mobile devices are personal, so they offer marketers a breathtakingly rich source of data from geotracking and social media accounts. Manage it gracefully, and you can tap your customers’ most ardent interests — even before they are consciously aware of them. Overstep, and expect instant payback.

Some of our favorite mobile plays in the B2C space over the last few years manage to toe the line carefully, offering value in exchange for access and carefully keeping clear of overly promotional or self-serving content. Continue Reading