Author: Kerry Curran

A passionate digital strategist, Kerry Curran has helped Fortune 1000 clients across multiple industries drive business results through the search channels. With a focus on developing consumer-centric, cross-channel strategies to increase customer engagement, her experience includes developing enterprise search and social programs integrated with digital and traditional media plans as well as global search programs. Follow Kerry on Twitter.

By kerry-curran published May 29, 2014

Use Search Insights to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy: 4 Steps

light bulb-represents searchDo you have content envy? Do you feel like your competitors’ material skyrockets while yours can’t get off the ground? The truth is, they are probably working with an “informant” — aka: search insights — and you should be, too. Below I’ll explain the power of search insights to inform your content marketing strategy, and provide you with a step-by-step guide to get the job done.Continue Reading