Author: Peyman Nilforoush

Peyman Nilforoush is the CEO and Co-Founder of inPowered, a company that discovers and amplifies trusted content to help brands educate consumers and drive sales. A media entrepreneur and visionary, Peyman, along with brother Pirouz, previously founded NetShelter in 1999. NetShelter became the world's largest technology property on the Web before being acquired by Ziff Davis in 2013.

By peymannilforoush published June 17, 2014

New Data: Mix Types of Content for Successful Content Marketing

ideal-successful-content-marketing-mixAs marketers, we’re acutely aware that there is more content being produced today than ever before — with the rate of content production doubling each year. Content marketing has progressed from buzzword to doctrine in many organizations, despite the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding “content shock” — the highly debated idea that too much content is being produced, and that consumers are becoming too overwhelmed to engage in it.Continue Reading