Author: Dan Sullivan

Dan is the founder and CEO of Crowdly, a unique advocate marketing platform that seamlessly integrates with brand Facebook communities. Dan has dedicated his entrepreneurial career to understanding and enhancing brand/consumer relationships, both on and offline. Before Crowdly, Dan was the founder of a TechStars alumni company and leading mobile crowdsourcing platform. Follow Dan on Twitter.

By dan-sullivan published June 26, 2014

How Facebook Fans Can Inform Your Content Marketing Strategies

fingers with faces-social media sayingsFacebook is where the rubber meets the road for brands and their most loyal fans — where authentic brand advocates discuss and share what resonates with them (and what doesn’t) and translate a brand’s story and values into their own words and actions that they share with their friends.

The discussions that fans choose to conduct and share on Facebook — from the merely entertaining to the inspirational — provide plenty of insight that we can use to inform our content marketing strategies, ensure the timeliness and relevance of our content efforts, and help us consistently engage in the communities that have been built around our brands.Continue Reading