Author: Evan Rodgers

Evan Rodgers is the Content Analyst at SimpleReach. His background in journalism and economics gives him a bookish vibe, but make no mistake, his Twitter account, @evanrodgers, tells the real story.

By evanrodgers published October 14, 2014

Hear the Call? 3 Steps for Better Video CTAs


As more of you expand your efforts in video content marketing, you undoubtedly know (and have been told) that a call to action (CTA) is an absolute must have. That all-important prompt encourages someone to actually do something and it offers an opportunity to evaluate your video’s effectiveness.

Advice on how to weave an engaging and tightly integrated CTA into your video is much less decisive. Create a funny and personal or slick-motion graphic? Incorporate in video or description? The fact is that there is no single answer. The secrets to crafting a great CTA depend on your unique circumstances.Continue Reading