Author: Allen Graves

Allen Graves is the Sr. Managing SEO Content Editor and Lead SEO Content Strategist for Bisk Education, Inc. He develops and manages content marketing strategies supporting major U.S. colleges and universities such as Notre Dame, Villanova, Michigan State University, Florida Tech, University of Florida, Scranton and many more. He is also involved in the content strategy and development for U.S. News University Directory. Allen, author of The Article Marketing Handbook (2007), has been on the cutting edge of Internet content marketing and SEO since 2000 and is currently leading a content production team of seven editors and 26 freelance and in-house writers for Bisk Education. Follow Allen on Twitter at @AllenGraves or on LinkedIn.

By allen-graves published October 16, 2014

Content Marketing Strategy 101: Make it a Game


For your content marketing projects to get off the ground, you need to assemble the right team members, teach them the right way to do it, and get them motivated for action. It can be daunting to get buy-in from executive staff and team members who may not be well versed in content marketing. Don’t call everyone into a conference room and force a PowerPoint presentation on content marketing strategy down their throats.

Instead, gamify it.Continue Reading