Author: Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton is the founder of XML Press, which creates publications for technical communicators, content strategists, content marketers, and engineers. Before starting XML Press in 2008, he worked in the computer industry as a software developer and documentation manager. He volunteers with the Tzu Chi Foundation, an international humanitarian organization. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and, occasionally, singing. You can follow Richard on Twitter at @richardhamilton.

By richard-hamilton published February 5, 2015

The Technology Behind The Language of Content Strategy


Late in 2013, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, asked my company, XML Press, to collaborate with him and Rahel Anne Bailie to create a series of short, practical books about content strategy. So far, we have published five books in the series and have several more projected for publication this year. The first book in the series, The Language of Content Strategy, defines 52 essential terms for content strategists. That book brought together 52 experts, who each provided the definition for one term. From these definitions, we created five separate deliverables: print book, e-book, web, audio, and a card deck.Continue Reading