Author: Patrick Welch

Patrick Welch is the Chief Operating Officer of bigtincan, where he is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the company’s worldwide operations, with oversight on sales, support, business development, and marketing. Welch has more than a decade of experience working in the enterprise software and mobile technology space. Find him on Twitter @patrickfwelch.

By patrick-welch published February 6, 2015

Moneyball: Use Content Intelligence and Analytics to Build a Successful Sales Team


If you’re a sports or movie fan, you’re probably familiar with Moneyball, the story of how the Oakland A’s used sabermetrics (applying statistical analysis to baseball records to evaluate individual players’ performances) to look at unconventional measures of success to build and sustain a winning ball club.

What if sabermetrics could be applied outside of athletics? It’s already happening. In the consumer space, companies like Facebook and LinkedIn use analytics to determine who you are likely to know or which articles you may be interested in reading. It’s happening in the enterprise too. Companies like Workday are applying analytics to gain insights such as which employees may be likely to leave the company and how to prevent them from doing so.Continue Reading