Author: Alex Braun

Alex Braun is the marketing director for Imagination, a Chicago-based content marketing agency and publisher of Orange magazine. After starting his career in journalism, Alex has written and designed thought leadership content and developed lead generation tactics for, AutoManager, and kCura. When he’s not managing Imagination's inbound strategy, you may find him cycling, engaging in acts of amateur photography, or saving money for travel. Follow him on Twitter @orangemagazine.

By alex-braun published February 15, 2015

Content Marketing Altering the Future Predicted in ‘Minority Report’

marketing-2054-how-content-will-save-coverJust 13 years ago, Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report envisioned the year 2054 as one in which marketing and advertising are so invasive that holograms make frenzied, customized sales pitches to people as they walk through the mall.

In an unnerving scene, protagonist John Anderton’s eyes flashed as retina scanners identified him from a customer database and pushy holograms pitched him items based on his previous purchases, personal attributes, and preferences.Continue Reading