Author: Luis Aguilar

Luis Aguilar is the Senior Business Development Manager at RadiumOne leading the sharing tool product for brands and publishers. His background comes from a variety of roles working with agencies, strategy, video production, social and publishers, bringing a balanced perspective to the publishing world that's just as unique as his experience. Luis graduated from the University of San Francisco with a focus in Marketing and Advertising. Before starting his career in online advertising, he spent the first three years after college playing professional soccer in San Francisco and Montreal. For more insights on Dark Social, get your free copy of the RadiumOne white paper.

By luis-aguilar published April 30, 2015

Shed the Light on Your Dark Social Activity

dark-social-activity-coverDark Social  is a form of social sharing that happens when someone copies and pastes content from your site or a link from the address bar into private communications such as emails, instant messages, or forum posts. In North America, 59% of all social sharing is done via Dark Social, 31% is done via Facebook, and the remaining 10% is done through all other social networks combined, according to a recent study by RadiumOne.

If you look at social-sharing data without incorporating Dark Social activity, you are seeing a skewed picture. For example, at the time this article was written, this Content Marketing Institute article received 170 Facebook shares, 991 LinkedIn shares, 696 Twitter shares, and 28 shares through Google Plus for a total of 1,885 shares. On average, 69% of worldwide sharing is done via Dark Social. If we assume that average sharing for this article, it would earn 4,196 Dark Social shares for a grand total of 6,081 shares. That is a huge impact made by Dark Social.Continue Reading